Dinner at the Ranch

Aloo gobi with red lentil dosas; Massaged kale salad

Photo of Aloo gobi with red lentil dosas; Massaged kale salad

Now, first, the photos did not turn out at all. I had to take the picture in the lanai and the light in there is not all that helpful and I don’t like the results when using flash. Trust me, it tasted and looked much better than the photos would suggest.

I’ve never made dosas before, and I don’t think I’ve ever even tasted a real one! And yet these turned out pretty good! I like the idea of just grinding up a bunch of rice and lentils with kefir and letting them ferment. They had a truly satisfying body and a touch of sourness. I spiked them with ample ginger, black pepper and green onions.

Aloo gobi is a pretty common Indian dish, and yet it’s one of my favorites. I make it all from the basic ingredients, even the garam masala is my own blend which I make up in batches now and again. I did it in the style that omits onions and garlic because I like the fact that it works so well without such otherwise ubiquitous ingredients.

Massaged kale is such a hearty and satisfying salad! It’s one of the few preparations where I find coconut oil to be good on a salad. We like it best with our dinosaur kale—otherwise known as laciniato kale. It grows here as a perennial; we have several plants that are 4 years old! It seems to grow more easily and tolerates neglect better than almost any other vegetable.

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