Dinner at the Ranch

Birthday celebratory dinner for jonathan

Our friend jonathan celebrates his half-90 birtdhay tonght here, and Joanna has arranged for a celebratory feast: Enchilada casserole, Spanish rice, kale and watermelon salad, fruit salsa. Katy brought fusilli with pesto, while Laura brought the fixin’s for our version of the margarita, the “Chaco Canyon”

This toothsome cocktail starts out like a good margarita, but we muddle chilies and cilantro into the shaker. The drink is mixed, and topped with a sprinkling of cacao nibs. Seems unlikely, but those little nibs add a wonderfully tasty little crunch to the spicy/aromatic drink.

Joanna, who is an accomplished maker of desserts and pastries as well, made up this incredible cherry/vanilla/chocolate cake: layers of vanilla (from our own beans) cake, chocolate mousse, and cherry cordial coulis. The cake is covered in a chocolate marscarpone frosting and topped with vanilla merangues. What a tour de force!

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