Dinner at the Ranch

Lemongrass-encrusted ahi cutlet with grilled pineapple; Sweet potato-kalo gratin

Fresh ahi cutlets are coated in a layer of lemongrass, ginger, scallion, coconut and toasted sesame oil. Charred on the grill, the flavor of the herb crust infuses the delicate fish slices. Drizzled with a rich pinot grigio teriyaki glaze.

Local pineapple is sliced and charred on the grill with only a little coco oil, the fruit sugars darkly caramelized in the grill marks.

Sweet potatoes and taro from the garden are blanketed in coco milk seasoned with fragrant kaffir lime leaf and Hawaiian salt, then slowly baked until tender.

Also on the plate is a simple pineapple salsa with aji dulce chilies, onion, cilantro and lime juice–with a couple of fiery nīoi (Hawaiian chili).


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