Dinner at the Ranch

Macaroni shells in cheese sauce with smoked salmon and kale; raw kale salad with white grapefruit

Now, if there were any kids around, I’m sure they would but the kibosh on such a combo right away. But for us adults, this is actually very good. Smoked salmon and cheese is a well-established combo, and the addition of the kale gives it a lightness (if kale is capable of such a thing!). This salmon we had was a gift from Steve and Andrea (of Pt. Townsend) who have a line on some utterly fabulous smoked salmon made by someone in the area–waiting list only kind of thing, anyway it is well worth the trouble and I guess you could say it’s sacrilege to put such a delicacy in such a pedestrian preparation as mac’n’cheese!

Nevertheless, I can assure you it worked, so you can stop groaning.

The salad begins with our standard preparation: coconut oil-rubbed shredded kale, dressed with a little Meyer lemon juice, Himalayan mineral salt and dotted with white grapefruit supremes. I may have mentioned that we have an amazingly good grapefruit tree, and it’s just starting to give us some of it’s sweet/bitter/sour/juicy fruit. Red or pink has nothing on these fruits, as several of our guests can attest to.

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