Dinner at the Ranch

Pizza face off: two pizzas; only one will win!

Well, it seems the pizza card came up again in the ranch kitchen, happy that! Once again, it is the oyster mushrooms, veg sausage, pineapple, onions and perhaps a little too much garlic.

A slice of each.

Only this time, there would be two very different pizzas. One, with the tomato sauce, is laden with cheese, smoky veg sausage and pineapple! The other, made by Gabriella, starts with a layer of Joanna’s fresh macnut-basil pesto and goes on to include the deliciously meaty oyster mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and mild aji dulce chilies!

But only one can be the best pizza: we will settle the age-old debate between the pesto pizza believers and the tomato-sauce diehards! (While the white-sauce lovers look on…)

Ranch salad with trimmings

Unfortunately, the results were a tie. Next time, we must remember to have an odd number of judges!

Appearing with the dueling pizzas was one fairly typical ranch-style salad with all the toppings: sprouts, apples, carrots, nutritional yeast, “bacon” bits and a balsamic vinaigrette.

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