Dinner at the Ranch

Pizza with oyster mushrooms, radicchio and pineapple

Photo of Pizza with oyster mushrooms, radicchio and pineapple

Pizza is a recurring treat here and we tend to top it with whatever we have around that works on pizza. Oyster mushrooms come around often as they are grown locally and are commonly available at our local natural foods store, Hoku Foods in Kapaa. We have plans in the works to begin growing our own, so there will be more of these meaty and delicious fungi in future. Looking forward to that…

Oyster mushrooms, radicchio, sun-dried tomatoes for the pizza

I have my own theories about what makes good pizza and they may not all prove out, but it’s sure fun testing them! One of the main points is that it’s all about the sauce. Yes, the crust must (must!) fulfill certain requirements, but fulfilling that seems almost mechanical compared to the artistry of a great pizza sauce. We make ours as a rich blend of sautéed onions, celery and carrots, along with the tomatoes, a few spices and generous amounts of aromatic herbs. This is cooked for some time, mellowing and concentrating the flavors. Pizza sauce should be intense and thick because it must be only a thin layer on the skin.

an ingredient tableau: sauce, cheese, chilies, pineapple and veg sausage

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