Dinner at the Ranch

Potato gnocchi with basil-infused marinara sauce and balsamic reduction

Working with a gnocchi recipe from Mark Reinfeld, Got very good results. Gnocchi is fun to make: puff up and float..

Decided to give it a sauce using an idea I’d been wanting to try for a while: a simple, fresh-tasting marinara based on onions and garlic slowly simmered over low heat in extra virgin olive oil. After everything has softened and caramelized a little, turn off the heat and drop in a fat handful of fresh basil chiffonade. That steeps in the hot oil for a while.

At the end, the tomatoes are added and a little heat is applied to get the sauce hot, but with no further cooking. The sweetness is then balanced with a splash of partially-reduced balsamic vinegar.

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