Dinner at the Ranch

“Potatoes and Kale” with fried ice cream banana

Here it is again, the Lokelani Blue Plate Special, This is just an extremely satisfying preparation, easily made with little advance notice. Comfort food, which means familiar, predictable and reliably good.

Of course, there’s always something to vary it: this time we had some feta cheese around. Beneath that is the usual kale braised in white wine and orange juice. The potato: well, simply roasted is all. Some put the kale on top of the potato, but I left it to the side for the purpose of illustration.

Ice Cream Banana

One of the varieties of banana commonly found around here (not in the supermarkets!) is the Chinese cooking banana, locally known as the ice cream banana. It is a very large banana with a bluish cast to the outside. Inside is a fruit that starts out very starchy in th unripe state–very goods for tostones–and then ripening to a fluffy, sour-sweet and soft consistency. We fry them up in coconut oil when they are just getting yellow outside (too soft if you wait until they’re fully ripe) and the result is just delicious.

These bananas came from our banana circle (shown in a recent photo here) and the rack must have weighed 50 pounds! Is is an extremely vigorous variety, taller than our usual dwarf apple banana. I realize now that we should have put it on the north side of the circle, but that’s done, so we have to keep it thinned so it won’t shade out the others. Bananas are wonderful plants!

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