Dinner at the Ranch

Rustic potato-leek soup with wholegrain biscuits

Photo of Rustic potato-leek soup with wholegrain biscuits

It’s nice to enjoy a simple dinner of soup and biscuits, served with a mixed lettuce salad with a marjoram-scented vinaigrette. Purple carrots, leeks, onions and garlic season the potatoes in a simple vegetable stock. A few substantial collards leaves are really good in here, and a bowlful of fresh herbs give it some “spring,” At the last a decadent splash of cream.

Making their appearance for the first time, the asparagus bean, a kind of Asian version of the black-eyed-pea. (I’ll provide a photo soon) They get parboiled, then released into the soup from their slender pods. These things spontaneously appeared a few months ago, taking over when the string beans gave up. I’m sure Troy planted these some time back, and the remnant seeds held out for their perfect moment.

I like biscuits, how they remind me specifically of my grandmother and vaguely of sourdough cabins or morning campfires. They’re the perfect foil for a soup like this, moist and a bit sour with the kefir. Only the rosemary or perhaps the black pepper giving it a top note. Butter, in this case; but just as good with coco oil should that be the kind of occasion it is. I’d like to try making them with bananas and serve them with creamed honey and coffee for breakfast.

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