Dinner at the Ranch

Tacos “al pastor” with pico de gallo and pineapple salsa

We love tacos here. We like their lightness and festivity, their flexibility. Their way of stimulating the appetite and beguiling us with their piquancy. They are eaten out of the hand, charred over open flame and if you like them like I do, they are so spicy, the sweat beads on your forehead!

One of our taco fillings is a tasty little vegetarian al pastor-style preparation for Field Roast sausage. They have a nice chipotle sausage that is rather like a good chorizo. We add lots of caramelized onions, ground red New Mexico chile, paprika, cumin seed and tomato water. It sounds unlikely, perhaps, but I can tell you it is very tasty and a good approximation of the famous Mexican pork dish.

(read more about our salsas here…)

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