Dinner at the Ranch

Vegetable tamarind stir-fry with quinoa and poached asparagus

Tonight’s dinner, created by Lisa, features a zesty stir-fry of carrots, leeks, ginger, garlic, broccoli, pea pods and green peppers in a lemongrass-tamarind sauce. Accompanying the vegetables was steamed quinoa seasoned with veg stock and fresh turmeric. The stir-fry gets topped with minced aji dulce chile.

Celebratory: tonight we brought in the first of our asparagus this season. In this case very simply prepared, barely poached in water enough to bring out the sweetness. I topped mine with the very controversial (some would say disgusting) mayonnaise. I happen to like the stuff, but am often alone in my appreciation for it.

Our asparagus output is really rather meager, and it is most often consumed as a gardener’s treat (which means picked and eaten raw in the garden). We like to prepare it in ways that allow it to be savored as the delicacy it truly is.

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