Dinner at the Ranch

Coconut cream of potato-broccoli soup; Herbed cheese biscuits

Blustery, rainy Spring day here today. A warm­ing, com­fort­ing din­ner is a wel­come thing on such a day, so we put togeth­er this soup of pota­toes, car­rots, onions, cel­ery, por­to­bel­lo mush­room and broc­coli in a soft white wine and coconut milk broth, light­ly scent­ed with mar­jo­ram and parsley.

On the side and to help mop it up, we have some old-fash­ioned but­ter­milk bis­cuits. Ours are made with kefir and rid­dled with Romano cheese, mar­jo­ram, black pep­per and butter.

In case you were won­der­ing why, I think mar­jo­ram is wonderful!


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