Dinner at the Ranch

Crispy ginger tofu with broccoli and oyster mushrooms; Turmeric brown rice

Stir frys are a time to play with all kinds of ingre­di­ents in a way that lets each one be seen and expe­ri­enced on it’s own, each chop­stick-bite a unique sam­pling of the med­ley.

We don’t just throw in every­thing; it’s a com­plex but well-con­sid­ered ensem­ble. Each ingre­di­ent with it’s own role to play.

  • gar­lic
  • chile
  • fer­ment­ed black beans
  • toast­ed cashews
  • cilantro
  • gin­ger root
  • black pep­per
  • white wine
  • shoyu
  • sesame oil
  • coco oil

The sauce and fla­vors are com­plex, work­ing on all lev­els at once–yet all are ably anchored by the sta­ple rice, deep yel­low with earthy turmer­ic and a bare­ly detectable top note of vanil­la. The rice and the saucy veg­eta­bles go togeth­er so grace­ful­ly: bal­anc­ing, blend­ing on the palate.

Fresh turmer­ic root is fine­ly grat­ed and gen­er­ous­ly added to the rice before cook­ing

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