Dinner at the Ranch

Falafel and baba ganoush with all the trimmings

For some rea­son, I got the urge to make falafel. Start with some sprout­ed gar­ban­zo beans, grind them up with onion and herbs, toast­ed spices and gar­lic. These get fried in coconut oil until crisp and brown.

Eggplants are roast­ed until caramelized and soft, then blend­ed with tahi­ni, spices and gar­lic. Went slight­ly wild with some smoked papri­ka here.

Then we load up the table with side dish­es: mint-kefir sauce, lemon-tahi­ni sauce, gua­camole, feta, cucum­bers, chilies, shred­ded kale and sour­dough bread.

Yes, a few adjust­ments were made to the tra­di­tion­al spread, but I can assure you it worked anyway.

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