Dinner at the Ranch

Fusilli with tempeh meatballs, red sauce and pesto

The tem­peh meat­balls are a recipe from Mark Reinfeld we’re test­ing. These real­ly worked well, looked very nice with their crispy, brown exte­ri­or (good because we were doing this one for pho­tog­ra­phy) and after the shoot we sat down and enjoyed the sub­ject of the shoot!

The red sauce was made by Lisa; rich and fla­vor­ful. The pesto was a reap­pear­ance of Joanna’s mac nut pesto from before.

Despite many pho­tographs tak­en, none of them were with my cam­era, so we’re text-only tonight. We did get up to the top of the Sleeping Giant to watch the moonrise–it some­how came up unex­pect­ed­ly; huge, orange and with the dis­tinct impres­sion of a smile.

Moonrise over Kapaʻa

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