Dinner at the Ranch

Hawaiian pumpkin curry, biryani rice, coconut chutney

This week we’re doing the cater­ing for the Northwest Women’s Surf Camp, so our din­ners will reflect their menu, as we just pre­pare a bit extra for us as we go.

Curry: Hawaiian pump­kin, onion, car­rot, green beans, gar­ban­zo beans, toma­to, coconut milk, coconut oil, gin­ger, garam masala, sea salt.

Rice: Long-grain brown rice, car­damom, cin­na­mon, turmer­ic, coconut, red bell pep­per, raisins, cran­ber­ries, cilantro, almonds, sea salt.

Chutney: Grated fresh coconut, coconut oil, mus­tard seed, gin­ger, chile, cocona, rice vine­gar, agave nec­tar, sea salt, cilantro (not pictured)

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