Dinner at the Ranch

Lemongrass-encrusted ahi cutlet with grilled pineapple; Sweet potato-kalo gratin

Fresh ahi cut­lets are coat­ed in a lay­er of lemon­grass, gin­ger, scal­lion, coconut and toast­ed sesame oil. Charred on the grill, the fla­vor of the herb crust infus­es the del­i­cate fish slices. Drizzled with a rich pinot gri­gio teriya­ki glaze.

Local pineap­ple is sliced and charred on the grill with only a lit­tle coco oil, the fruit sug­ars dark­ly caramelized in the grill marks.

Sweet pota­toes and taro from the gar­den are blan­ket­ed in coco milk sea­soned with fra­grant kaf­fir lime leaf and Hawaiian salt, then slow­ly baked until ten­der.

Also on the plate is a sim­ple pineap­ple sal­sa with aji dulce chilies, onion, cilantro and lime juice–with a cou­ple of fiery nīoi (Hawaiian chili).


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