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Lokelani-style tacos with Braised artichokes

Photo of Lokelani-style tacos with Braised artichokes

Make-your-own tacos with bar­be­cue tem­peh, pico de gal­lo, ched­dar cheese, gua­camole, grat­ed car­rot, let­tuce and flame-toast­ed corn tor­tillas.

Artichokes braised with gar­lic served with a chive-tar­ragon dip­ping sauce.

Artichokes with chive-tarragon dipping sauceArtichokes

Artichokes are an exot­ic treat for us: they can’t prac­ti­cal­ly be grown here, and we enjoy them infre­quent­ly. The sauce is sim­ply veg­an may­on­naise with crushed gar­lic, a lot of fresh chives and a cou­ple of drops of tar­ragon essen­tial oil. We’ve found that to be a good way to get a clear tar­ragon fla­vor, as the fresh herb when grown here tends to be too mild.

The brais­ing is sim­ply a lit­tle water (like 3″ in the pot) with sea salt, gar­lic, pep­per, bay leaf and a lit­tle extra vir­gin olive oil. Prop them up on their bases and sim­mer until ten­der. We pre­fer the brais­ing tech­nique as they don’t end up as water­logged as boil­ing would get them. Steaming does­n’t give you an oppor­tu­ni­ty to infuse them with fla­vor and because the cook­ing time is so long, there’s a risk of boil­ing dry, ruin­ing the ‘chokes with an unpleas­ant burnt fla­vor. You still have to watch them with the brais­ing, of course, but there’s more water.

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