Dinner at the Ranch

Pizza face off: two pizzas; only one will win!

Well, it seems the piz­za card came up again in the ranch kitchen, hap­py that! Once again, it is the oys­ter mush­rooms, veg sausage, pineap­ple, onions and per­haps a lit­tle too much gar­lic.

A slice of each.

Only this time, there would be two very dif­fer­ent piz­zas. One, with the toma­to sauce, is laden with cheese, smoky veg sausage and pineap­ple! The oth­er, made by Gabriella, starts with a lay­er of Joanna’s fresh mac­nut-basil pesto and goes on to include the deli­cious­ly meaty oys­ter mush­rooms, sun dried toma­toes and mild aji dulce chilies!

But only one can be the best piz­za: we will set­tle the age-old debate between the pesto piz­za believ­ers and the toma­to-sauce diehards! (While the white-sauce lovers look on…)

Ranch sal­ad with trim­mings

Unfortunately, the results were a tie. Next time, we must remem­ber to have an odd num­ber of judges!

Appearing with the duel­ing piz­zas was one fair­ly typ­i­cal ranch-style sal­ad with all the top­pings: sprouts, apples, car­rots, nutri­tion­al yeast, “bacon” bits and a bal­sam­ic vinai­grette.

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