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Pizza with oyster mushrooms, radicchio and pineapple

Photo of Pizza with oyster mushrooms, radicchio and pineapple

Pizza is a recur­ring treat here and we tend to top it with what­ev­er we have around that works on piz­za. Oyster mush­rooms come around often as they are grown local­ly and are com­mon­ly avail­able at our local nat­ur­al foods store, Hoku Foods in Kapaʻa. We have plans in the works to begin grow­ing our own, so there will be more of these meaty and deli­cious fun­gi in future. Looking for­ward to that…

Oyster mush­rooms, radic­chio, sun-dried toma­toes for the piz­za

I have my own the­o­ries about what makes good piz­za and they may not all prove out, but it’s sure fun test­ing them! One of the main points is that it’s all about the sauce. Yes, the crust must (must!) ful­fill cer­tain require­ments, but ful­fill­ing that seems almost mechan­i­cal com­pared to the artistry of a great piz­za sauce. We make ours as a rich blend of sautéed onions, cel­ery and car­rots, along with the toma­toes, a few spices and gen­er­ous amounts of aro­mat­ic herbs. This is cooked for some time, mel­low­ing and con­cen­trat­ing the fla­vors. Pizza sauce should be intense and thick because it must be only a thin lay­er on the skin.

an ingre­di­ent tableau: sauce, cheese, chilies, pineap­ple and veg sausage

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