Dinner at the Ranch

Potatoes and Kale” with fried ice cream banana

Here it is again, the Lokelani Blue Plate Special, This is just an extreme­ly sat­is­fy­ing prepa­ra­tion, eas­i­ly made with lit­tle advance notice. Comfort food, which means famil­iar, pre­dictable and reli­ably good.

Of course, there’s always some­thing to vary it: this time we had some feta cheese around. Beneath that is the usu­al kale braised in white wine and orange juice. The pota­to: well, sim­ply roast­ed is all. Some put the kale on top of the pota­to, but I left it to the side for the pur­pose of illustration.

Ice Cream Banana

One of the vari­eties of banana com­mon­ly found around here (not in the super­mar­kets!) is the Chinese cook­ing banana, local­ly known as the ice cream banana. It is a very large banana with a bluish cast to the out­side. Inside is a fruit that starts out very starchy in th unripe state–very goods for tostones–and then ripen­ing to a fluffy, sour-sweet and soft con­sis­ten­cy. We fry them up in coconut oil when they are just get­ting yel­low out­side (too soft if you wait until they’re ful­ly ripe) and the result is just delicious.

These bananas came from our banana cir­cle (shown in a recent pho­to here) and the rack must have weighed 50 pounds! Is is an extreme­ly vig­or­ous vari­ety, taller than our usu­al dwarf apple banana. I real­ize now that we should have put it on the north side of the cir­cle, but that’s done, so we have to keep it thinned so it won’t shade out the oth­ers. Bananas are won­der­ful plants!

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