Dinner at the Ranch

Rustic potato-leek soup with wholegrain biscuits

Photo of Rustic potato-leek soup with wholegrain biscuits

It’s nice to enjoy a sim­ple din­ner of soup and bis­cuits, served with a mixed let­tuce sal­ad with a mar­jo­ram-scent­ed vinai­grette. Purple car­rots, leeks, onions and gar­lic sea­son the pota­toes in a sim­ple veg­etable stock. A few sub­stan­tial col­lards leaves are real­ly good in here, and a bowl­ful of fresh herbs give it some “spring,” At the last a deca­dent splash of cream.

Making their appear­ance for the first time, the aspara­gus bean, a kind of Asian ver­sion of the black-eyed-pea. (I’ll pro­vide a pho­to soon) They get par­boiled, then released into the soup from their slen­der pods. These things spon­ta­neous­ly appeared a few months ago, tak­ing over when the string beans gave up. I’m sure Troy plant­ed these some time back, and the rem­nant seeds held out for their per­fect moment.

I like bis­cuits, how they remind me specif­i­cal­ly of my grand­moth­er and vague­ly of sour­dough cab­ins or morn­ing camp­fires. They’re the per­fect foil for a soup like this, moist and a bit sour with the kefir. Only the rose­mary or per­haps the black pep­per giv­ing it a top note. Butter, in this case; but just as good with coco oil should that be the kind of occa­sion it is. I’d like to try mak­ing them with bananas and serve them with creamed hon­ey and cof­fee for break­fast.

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