Dinner at the Ranch

Tacos “al pastor” with pico de gallo and pineapple salsa

We love tacos here. We like their light­ness and fes­tiv­i­ty, their flex­i­bil­i­ty. Their way of stim­u­lat­ing the appetite and beguil­ing us with their piquan­cy. They are eat­en out of the hand, charred over open flame and if you like them like I do, they are so spicy, the sweat beads on your forehead!

One of our taco fill­ings is a tasty lit­tle veg­e­tar­i­an al pas­tor-style prepa­ra­tion for Field Roast sausage. They have a nice chipo­tle sausage that is rather like a good chori­zo. We add lots of caramelized onions, ground red New Mexico chile, papri­ka, cumin seed and toma­to water. It sounds unlike­ly, per­haps, but I can tell you it is very tasty and a good approx­i­ma­tion of the famous Mexican pork dish.

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