Dinner at the Ranch

Tempeh stir-fry in black bean sauce with fresh olena quinoa

Tempeh is pret­ty good stuff, if done right. It’s great nutri­tion, but it’s got a pret­ty strong taste. I like to pre­cook it in the steam­er, at which point it is very recep­tive to fla­vors. The blabk bean sauce starts with black beans, lots of raw gar­lic, corian­der, black pep­per and veg­etable stock. We get some white wine ready, also a lit­tle arrow­root in cold water to thick­en it at the end.

Sometimes, we get pret­ty exot­ic with the veg­gies, but all I had to work with were onions, car­rots and cel­ery! Oh, an broc­coli. Can’t get much more reg­u­lar than that, huh? Anyway, it does­n’t mat­ter because it’s all about the sauce! And the chilies, which I throw on raw at the end for max­i­mum brightness.

Brown rice and quinoa go togeth­er pret­ty good, and I like to spice it up with a gen­er­ous grat­ing of fresh turmer­ic root (ole­na in Hawaiian) and some coconut oil to give it a lit­tle rich­ness. I find that quinoa responds well to it. Just a sim­ple, sat­is­fy­ing meal in the Chinese/Indonesian idiom.

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