Dinner at the Ranch

Vegetable tamarind stir-fry with quinoa and poached asparagus

Tonight’s din­ner, cre­at­ed by Lisa, fea­tures a zesty stir-fry of car­rots, leeks, gin­ger, gar­lic, broc­coli, pea pods and green pep­pers in a lemon­grass-tamarind sauce. Accompanying the veg­eta­bles was steamed quinoa sea­soned with veg stock and fresh turmer­ic. The stir-fry gets topped with minced aji dulce chile.

Celebratory: tonight we brought in the first of our aspara­gus this sea­son. In this case very sim­ply pre­pared, bare­ly poached in water enough to bring out the sweet­ness. I topped mine with the very con­tro­ver­sial (some would say dis­gust­ing) may­on­naise. I hap­pen to like the stuff, but am often alone in my appre­ci­a­tion for it.

Our aspara­gus out­put is real­ly rather mea­ger, and it is most often con­sumed as a gar­den­er’s treat (which means picked and eat­en raw in the gar­den). We like to pre­pare it in ways that allow it to be savored as the del­i­ca­cy it tru­ly is.

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