The Dooleys Come to Brunch (and piglet makes a surprise visit)

A cou­ple of weeks ago in the end of March we host­ed a neigh­bor­hood brunch to wel­come the Dooleys to the neigh­bor­hood.

The Dooleys arrive in the hood

It was just after we got our chicks which added to our enter­tain­ment.

And Laura showed up with a sur­prise guest, a baby pig that she was pig sit­ting. Anakin and Izzy were extreme­ly hap­py to hang with lit­tle piglet as was most every­body here. I think the lit­tle guy had a turn being car­ried in every­one’s arms at some point dur­ing the day.

This was also the day that the Chicken man­sion got moved into it’s cur­rent loca­tion in the gar­den. See the mov­ing the chick­en coop entry for more on this excit­ing adven­ture!

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