January 2005: We build a Cabaña

We are blessed with expert help.

James and Robin, longtime friends from the mainland, arrive to make a huge contribution to the energy and form of Lokelani Ranch. We have been looking forward to this for some time now, being one of the big steps forward in our plan to refurbish the house. This project has been at the top of the list since we got here, but we had not been able to make any progress on it— mainly for lack of experienced help to get us going in the right direction. When James and Robin volunteered to give us two months of their time, we knew we could begin to move forward on the house in really substantial ways. Woo hoo!

First, however, we wanted to build a little cabaña, a place for James and Robin to stay, and a small room we could also use for yoga, meditation ,etc. We began on this right away, selecting a fairly secluded spot near the old banana grove just behind the coconut tree… and not too far from the house.

Kea, the ‘building inspector,’ checks the framing of the shala, to the amusement of James, Robin and Lisa. Photo by Annette.

Our design goals for the project were to create a private, yet open space, immersed in the nature around. We needed to keep the size under 100 square feet (it’s 98) and of course the cost as low as possible. All the lumber was pre-painted with primer… we want it to last!

Painting the rafters.

It’s so satisfying to have the work done so meticulously. This little building is tight! We are learning a tremendous amount about how to build things.

This view gives an impression of the setting of the cabaña. The hills in the distance are the ‘feet’ of the Giant.

I said before the house refurb has been at the top of our list since the beginning. Actually, the yoga shala/sanctuary/meditation space has been at the top of the list well before we moved to Kaua’i. We knew we would need a space for those purposes if we were to manifest our “direction, definition and purpose” for this land. And here it is… or at least the first version of it. We still plan to create a sacred space, larger and dedicated solely to those purposes, as this one will be called into service as a guest space fairly often, I think.

And here we are with the completed cabaña! Annette, Lisa, Robin and James rightfully beaming over their work.

And it’s now a space we can use, although some finishing touches and amendments will be required: lighting, a front porch and a way to raise and lower the blinds from the inside. Of course there is the space for an artistic impulse to decorate the place… it’s kinda plain at the moment, but that will change with time. Also needed is a name for the building: various suggestions have come up: The Shack, The Yoga Shala, The Cabaña, Banana Cabana, Shambhala Shala… etc. In the end it will name itself— got a suggestion?

Next we begin the refurb of the house, thank you for blessing us with your help, James and Robin!

Lisa and Annette in front of the completed cabaña.

I want to thank and acknowledge our good friend Annette, whom we came to know and love during our time at the Findhorn community. She brought the gift of her open-hearted intuitive work and further connects this place with the network of centers of light. We loved having you here! Thank you for all you have contributed and we hold the space for your return and your partner Innes, also. Lightworkers essential to all we intend here.