Author: Roland

  • Edible Landscaping in Hawaii

    A friend asked me recently about putting in edible landscaping on his place, and considering the possible general interest in this topic, I am posting it here. Most of what I would tell you about is from my own experience because I’ve found just reading about the plants is way different from actually growing them.…

  • A Locavore Thanksgiving for 2011

    A Locavore Thanksgiving for 2011

    This year we decided to host our Thanksgiving gathering as a locavore feast to celebrate the abundance in which we live. The potluck gathering was attended by about 30 people, and everyone was deliciously well-fed. We had the main dinner here at the Ranch, then adjourned to Jessyca’s place up the hill for an after-dinner…

  • Breadmaking



    Several recent events have brought us to breadmaking: the substantial rise in price for a decent organic loaf, and the closure of our local bread bakery, Rising Moon. Kauai is not a place of many bakeries, we have maybe 3 or 4 of the “artisan” type, so when we lost the closest, biggest one, we…

  • Our Trip to Tucson, Summer 2011

    I posted a photo gallery from the trip here: Tucson

  • Moving the Coop (April 2011)

    Moving the Coop (April 2011)

    Saturday brunch becomes an occasion to help get the chicken coop set up in the veggie garden.

  • June 2007: First Cacao Planting

    June 2007: First Cacao Planting

    I’ve wanted to grow cacao here since we arrived. Not long before these pictures were taken, I bought a pod from a vendor at the sunshine market. I hadn’t met anyone who had cacao to share, and this was my first contact with it, so I figured I would just go ahead and sprout these…

  • The Big Bali Sale (February 2007)

    Our first sale required weeks of preparation, getting the house and yard set up to sell the container-load of stuff we had received. Now comes the big moment of truth, can we sell any of this stuff?

  • February 2007: The Container Arrives

    It is January 30, 2007 and our ship has come in. Or at least one 30 ft. container of it, anyhow. That is one hell of a lot of stuff, I can tell you, because Lisa and I worked full time for three weeks just buying things to fill it. We skipped that part in…

  • January 2007: Lisa’s Brother Visits

    January of 2007 began a huge burst of activity that was to last for months. The Bali trip was done, the stuff was on the boat and we were kinda getting ready for it to arrive. Lisa’s brother Dick, his wife Margaret and son Eric came to stay for a while. They were at a…

  • November 2006: Mainland & Bali Trips

    Anita by her Balinese-flavored bathhouse in McKenzie Bridge, Oregon Somehow the idea of a trip to Bali insinuated itself into our thoughts this year. While visiting Anita and Steve in the summer, I discussed their trip of the previous year. They had gone over with a friend of theirs who lives part time on the…