A Locavore Thanksgiving for 2011

This year we decided to host our Thanksgiving gathering as a locavore feast to celebrate the abundance in which we live. The potluck gathering was attended by about 30 people, and everyone was deliciously well-fed. We had the main dinner here at the Ranch, then adjourned to Jessyca’s place up the hill for an after-dinner treat.

As best as I can recollect, here’s what we had:

  • Scalloped purple sweet potatoes in kaffir-lime coconut milk
  • Alii mushroom (king oyster) macadamia nut loaf
  • Compote of papaya, poha berry (physalis), cocona and honey
  • Roast ulu (breadfruit) with a roselle sauce
  • Braised ʻopihi (limpets) in coco water and garlic chives
  • Massaged kale salad with poha and tangerine
  • Fennel-pineapple salad
  • Purple sweet potato mash
  • Basil-garlic chive mac-nut cheese
  • Honey-glazed coconut meat
  • Basil nut cheese and tomato salsa on pumpkin flat bread
  • Crispy kale
  • Guacamole with ulu chips
  • Greens salad with lilikoʻi (passionfruit) dressing
  • Coconut water with pomegranite juice
  • Kambucha fruit drink
  • Grapefruit vanilla honey granita
  • Orange sweet potato pie
  • Raw sweet potato pie with banana-nut crust and coconut cream sauce
  • Bananas Foster with Koloa rum

Let me know what I missed or got wrong…

Serving the feast


Macadamia nut loaf with grilled Alii nushrooms
The thanksgiving plate