February 2006: A Random Overview

I’ve got a few pho­tos to show you to give you a lit­tle overview of the place as it present­ly stands. Maybe some­day I’ll look at these and won­der at how things have changed… or not. Anyway, most of you look­ing at these pages are here to see what’s up with the land here, so I hope these pho­tos can fill you in a little.

Here is anoth­er in the series of shots tak­en from the roof of the house, show­ing the veg­gie gar­den and sur­round­ing area. It’s not real­ly cur­rent, as we now have a 6‑foot chick­en fence around the whole things that real­ly only keeps the pesky gar­den dig­gers out most of the time. They can fly, but gen­er­al­ly don’t both­er. Joanna and I put up the fence one rainy day and it has made a huge dif­fer­ence to the plants, which can now grow unmolested.

The pink flow­er­ing tree to the right is a Bauhinia, and just behind it is where the trees we cut stood.

I do, on occa­sion, make it up to the top of the Giant. Last time was Christmas, but the last time I took a pic­ture look­ing down on the land was June. It looks sur­pris­ing­ly sim­i­lar to the pre­vi­ous one, con­sid­er­ing all the devel­op­ment that has gone on around here over the last year.

Another over­head view tak­en from the Sleeping Giant. Photo tak­en June, 2005.

You can see a few changes: the green “eye­brow” over our bed­room win­dow that jonathan designed and built in the low­er left cor­ner, and the poly­car­bon­ate roof of our new bath house. The promi­nent white struc­ture in the upper cen­ter of the plot is Peter’s con­tain­er, soon to be con­vert­ed to a work­shop and art stu­dio. The big avo/banyan we cut down par­tial­ly obscures it here, but no longer.


A Few Extra Photos…

So I do point my cam­era at all kinds of things, most of the pic­tures are unre­mark­able, and per­haps these are too, but I thought I’d share them as they illus­trate our sto­ry in inci­den­tal ways.

The com­mon, yet charm­ing Green Anole (Anolis car­o­li­nen­sis), local­ly known as a chameleon, which it cer­tain­ly isn’t. It can change it’s col­or, but is usu­al­ly green.

These are the stun­ning­ly beau­ti­ful flow­ers of the Mountain Apple (Syzygium malac­cense), a very pop­u­lar local fruit. It is sim­i­lar to an apple in tex­ture, and tastes slight­ly of roses.

In the fall, our Okinawan Spinach (Gynura cre­pi­oides) plants come in to bloom. The flow­ers are very pop­u­lar with the but­ter­flies, but I could­n’t get any of them to pose for this shot!

A nice­ly ripened rack of apple bananas, most of which will go in the freez­er for smooth­ies, a sta­ple around here. A select few will go into our famous banana-coconut waf­fles, served almost every Sunday morn­ing in an infor­mal get-together.

Well, that is about all for now. I have a fea­ture in the works cov­er­ing Lisa’s Peace Pilgrimage through Italy, England and Scotland and we’re very excit­ed to share that. Namaste.

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