December 2004: Gifts in Abundance

The Chamber is Open.

It doesn’t seem very “Christmas-y” this month, yet there were gifts in abundance! The compost is beginning to come in, the Chamber is built, the guest room is completed, and our dear friend Annette has come to stay for a couple of months. We are both putting in a lot of extra time at the Blossoming Lotus due to the season and a staff shortage…

Here’s the latest image from the “garden cam.” I won’t say it provides all our needs, but the veggie plot is a constant source of herbs and vegetables. Next to be harvested is the peanuts (to the right, but you can’t really see them), the green tops turned in to nourish the next round. The nuts are good food- we like to sprout them and eat them raw. Large green patch on the left is sown with a nitrogen-fixing ground cover. In the rear are papaya, one just producing it’s first ripe fruit this month.

December: the garden keeps getting more diverse, more productive.

The two major events this month are the opening of the Transformation Chamber and the moving of the bees. I completed the fourth wall of the Chamber, cutting a heptagonal window to frame the view.

Here I am plotting the intricate and frighteningly easy to get wrong lines for the cut.

The building strikes me as somewhat oversized, utilitarian with a few aesthetic touches. I wonder how it will adapt to its use here.

The chamber is open… we haven't painted it orange yet.

Lisa painted three madalas to focus the transformative energies of the chamber.

Painting the Emissary Wheels

And so begins the experiment…