December 2004: Gifts in Abundance

The Chamber is Open.

It does­n’t seem very “Christmas‑y” this month, yet there were gifts in abun­dance! The com­post is begin­ning to come in, the Chamber is built, the guest room is com­plet­ed, and our dear friend Annette has come to stay for a cou­ple of months. We are both putting in a lot of extra time at the Blossoming Lotus due to the sea­son and a staff short­age…

Here’s the lat­est image from the “gar­den cam.” I won’t say it pro­vides all our needs, but the veg­gie plot is a con­stant source of herbs and veg­eta­bles. Next to be har­vest­ed is the peanuts (to the right, but you can’t real­ly see them), the green tops turned in to nour­ish the next round. The nuts are good food- we like to sprout them and eat them raw. Large green patch on the left is sown with a nitro­gen-fix­ing ground cov­er. In the rear are papaya, one just pro­duc­ing it’s first ripe fruit this month.

December: the gar­den keeps get­ting more diverse, more pro­duc­tive.

The two major events this month are the open­ing of the Transformation Chamber and the mov­ing of the bees. I com­plet­ed the fourth wall of the Chamber, cut­ting a hep­tag­o­nal win­dow to frame the view.

Here I am plot­ting the intri­cate and fright­en­ing­ly easy to get wrong lines for the cut.

The build­ing strikes me as some­what over­sized, util­i­tar­i­an with a few aes­thet­ic touch­es. I won­der how it will adapt to its use here.

The cham­ber is open… we haven’t paint­ed it orange yet.

Lisa paint­ed three madalas to focus the trans­for­ma­tive ener­gies of the cham­ber.

Painting the Emissary Wheels

And so begins the exper­i­ment…

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